Yosemite Home Companion will provide you all of the information we wish we’d had upon moving here. We guide you through the planning, the move, and the adjustment of going from the city to the mountains and what you can expect in every phase. It covers searching for a home, mountain culture, activities, nightlife, wildlife, family life, business life, schools and more.

There are so many fun things to do and people to meet in the Yosemite gateway communities, we hope Yosemite Home Companion will be a useful guide to get started on your journey.

~ Jennifer Moss & Kellie Flanagan, authors

Locations covered in the book:

  • Ahwahnee
  • Bass Lake
  • Coarsegold (including Yosemite Lakes Park)
  • Fish Camp
  • Mariposa
  • North Fork
  • Oakhurst

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Our Mountain Towns
Chapter 2: What Came Before Us
Chapter 3: Your Mountain Home
Chapter 4: The Social Scene
Chapter 5: All the Happenings
Chapter 6: Minding Your business
Chapter 7: Getting Around
Chapter 8: Health & Wellness
Chapter 9: Education & Schools
Chapter 10: Pets & Animal Companions
Chapter 11: Wonders of the Wilderness
Chapter 12: Mariposa
Chapter 13: No Regrets
Mountain Glossary